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Elipsyum is a place where artists gather together and listen to fine music and enjoy pieces of art for the joy of life. It’s a real scene where the creative process is the primary focus and also to share experiences with people in the path of transcendence. Since early days of humanity, many artforms where considered as a gift from the gods, and artists are the greatest transmitters of this artforms for centuries. These masterpieces have an extremely high value which is not measured with money. Therefore, functional music and other types of massive consume productions are not in our field. Elipsyum is here to bring a real place where real people meet for the love of Art in its maximum expression.

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Elipsyum Is a lifestyle based philosophy and culture movement established to inspire social development through music, art and what is creative. We are a international community of people that creates a positive social impact through state of the art experiences, goods and services. With us you will find music concerts, festivals, art expositions, workshops, content, galleries, shops with interesting concepts to keep you inspired. In Elipsyum we empower artful entrepreneurs to break social barriers and lead the way in the professional industry.